Happy Hour, Ladies Night and IPAs

Our “Your Two Cents” Jar is hard at work! We read everyone’s suggestions and implement what we think will bring a better experience to our customers.  Two of the things that have come out of that so far are the request for a happy hour and more hoppy beers for Hop Heads.
So, we have added a happy hour which means $1 off pints for you, Monday – Wednesday 2-6pm. And because –  well we don’t really know why – but being a woman myself, I’m not going to question the rationale of LADIES NIGHT! I mean, $1 off pints for women all day Wednesday…really? Who cares why, we’re doin it.


Mark has started what he is calling “Shades of IPA” which will be an experimental series of hoppy beers in various styles. The first of the series is out: Sunglasses at Night American Dark Ale. At 86 IBUs this Ale is black as night with roasted flavors on the front end followed by a strong hoppy finish.