Big Brew Day!

Ok, we had such a blast on Big Brew Day! Takeaways:

1. Home brewers are some of the nicest people around. I’m not just saying that because one of them is my brother. The home brewers in BRUDE home brew group are typical of what we find of homebrewers everywhere. Nice, funny, fun and really enjoy a cold brew.


Me (Jean), and my favorite brewer, my brother, on Big Brew Day.

2. There’s no right way to home brew.  These home brewers had equipment as simple as a pot on a burner all the way up to 3 kegs that were individually heat-sourced and converted into a home brewing system, mini-pumps housed in tool boxes and chill plates.



3.  Home brewing allows you to be fun and creative. Recipes ranged from a simple pale to one with Hibiscus added at the end  into the fermentor. But most importantly, they MADE BEER! And making beer on any scale is really, really awesome. No seriously, it is, these guys are like heroes.



4. Home brewers will drink your beer even when they don’t like it because they are cool. Did I mention they MAKE BEER?


BRUDE Big Brew day