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Colorado Sunday SMASH
Single Malt And Single Hop – light pale ale brewed with Cascade hops & 2-row malt. Easy drinking.

33 IBUs  5.8% ABV

Blue Corn Maiden Cream Ale
Deliciously clean, light and drinkable, brewed with corn for a refreshing finish.

20 IBUs  4.5% ABV

Cranberry Sage Kölsch
A crisp, unfiltered Kölsch harmonizing tart cranberry, earthy sage & noble hops. Festive and bright.

25 IBUs 4.7% ABV

Bananas Foster Porter
Brewed with banana, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, black onyx cocoa and lactose. Aged on rum maplewood spirals.

31 IBUs  6.9% ABV

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Lager
Maris Otter malt with Saaz & Amarillo hops. Aromas of hyacynths, slightly sweet with a subtle black pepper hop and dry lager finish.

20 IBUs 4.8% ABV

Walking On Sunshine Pale Ale
Dry-hopped with Citra, Cascade and Northern Brewer for citrusy aroma & bright flavor.

35 IBUs 5.8% ABV

10-Year Buzz Braggot
Brewed with local clover honey to seamlessly blend the rich complexity of a traditional mead with the boldness of a hearty ale.

26 IBUs  10.3% ABV

Barrel-Aged Three Archers Belgian-Style Tripel
Barrel aged in a Chardonnaybarrel. Slightly sweet, tropical, grape and apple notes with subtle spicy and floral hops.

28 IBUs  9.8% ABV

Cap'n Long ESB
Notes of honeysuckle, followed by a mildly sweet maltiness which balances its piney, not-too-bitter finish.

42 IBUs 5.5% ABV

Lazy Hazy Crazy Day-z NEIPA
New England (Juicy) IPA. Citra, Mosaic & El Dorado hops give this IPA a punch of citrus flavor you’ll go crazy for.

65 IBUs 6.0% ABV

Trail Marker Imperial IPA
Aroma of orange peels, crisp hoppiness. Subtle oak flavor.

100 IBUs 8.5% ABV

West Coast IPA
Hop-forward IPA has a tropical fruit and citrus punch, accented by a hint of pine on the finish.

79 IBUs 5.8% ABV

Fortunate Squirrel Nut Brown
Roasty and toasty with a nutty finish from biscuit & brown malts.

38 IBUs 5.8% ABV

Old Burlington Stout
Light roasty aroma enhances flavors of coffee and dark chocolate in this well-balanced, smooth stout.

39 IBUs 5.6% ABV

Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout
Cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa nibs, black onyx cocoa in a rich stout with a warming kick from ancho, guajillo, habanero and pasilla peppers.

36 IBUs 6.5% ABV