Thoughts on Reopening – COVID-19

Thoughts on first days of re-opening:

1. WOW, we got another reminder of how awesome our customers are. I was brought to tears several times by what lovely humans you are and how much I missed you all (had some really touching conversations). We were also gifted ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL handmade 300 Suns wood coasters! Just wow.

2. People are pretty decent about socially distancing and wearing masks – we only had a few that didn’t know about it.

3. We had a few kinks but worked them out. Thank you for customers who gave us feedback. It was truly helpful.

4. We feel like we are getting the processes down and feel like we can ensure that you will get a clean table, best sanitation practices from our staff, clean pen to sign your check (we abandoned the on-screen checkout and deemed the old fashioned way much healthier contact-wise for our customers and staff.) If you have any concerns or needs, just let us know.

5. The kitchen has several new menu items so look for those on our menu with a “new” next to them. The Pork Potsticker Burger is my fav. Wait no, I like the Fried Green Tomato BLT…wait

6. Watching someone take their first sip of a cold craft beer served on a patio of a brewery tasting room is one of the great joys in life…Also, I can’t believe how much fun pouring a lunch box of tasters is!

Thanks to everyone for their patience with all the changes as we get used to our new system. Thank you all for continuing the to-go orders. We are still here thanks to ALL OF YOU!!!