Post pandemic outlook for this Longmont Brewery

So where is craft beer and scratch food going in 2021 for this Longmont Brewery? Well folks, I don’t want to jinx it but I’m gonna say we’ve almost made it. This has been a rough year for everyone. But we’re keeping our chin up and embracing the changes that all we’ve been through have brought us.

New bartop seating at 300 Suns Tasting Room

Out with the Old, In with the New, Back with the Old

Time for introspection has really forced us to go back to our roots and focus on being a community-focused brewery. We got into this business with the desire to have and create a place where we could all gather with friends over a delicious craft beer. I don’t think we ever lost that focus, but we are extra committed heading into Summer 2021 really embracing that vibe. To that point, we are keeping the table-service we started because of Covid restrictions (check out the menu here) as we think it really allows you to relax and enjoy your time with us. But, we have also expanded our bar area and are harkening back to pre-Covid 300 Suns—so you don’t have to feel stuck to a table if you don’t want to be (who wants to feel stuck after THIS past year!?!). We hope it will be the best of both worlds for our customers. And don’t forget you can still order online or get food beer, cider, canned cocktails to-go by ordering online or coming in to order.

More outdoors for the Longmont brewery that gets its name from 300 days of Colorado sunshine.

We are keeping the heaters safely stashed away and will break them out again in the fall so we can utilize our newly expanded outdoor seating even when the evenings start to get cold again. If this past year taught us one thing it is that fresh air is glorious and enjoying the patio with a nice beer and a blanket is a new tradition we’d like to keep going. It also taught us you can never have too much outdoor space. We hope you are enjoying our new expanded patio as much as we are!

Live music at 300 Suns Longmont Brewery and Tasting Room

Things will never be the same, in a good way.

The most asked question we get is “When are you going to bring back ________?” We have done so much over the past seven years from our yearly Chili Cookoff to trivia to comedy to live music and acoustic jams. We are adding events back in as we feel we can do them safely and effectively while still maintaining our laid-back, conversation- and good-company-focused atmosphere. (Check out our current events here) So, keep an eye out in the future for some fun events as we catch our breath from all the changes we’ve had to adjust to. But also know that time off have given us time to reset and we are looking for fresh ways to keep things interesting as well as bring you some new beer and food flavors to make your time with us memorable.

Scratch becomes Nomad

A fresh new branding has occurred for Scratch Food truck! Nate is expanding his “fleet” of food trucks and in anticipation of that growth, has rebranded as Nomad Kitchen. The spruced up Burger Nomad food truck can be seen out and about at local establishments like City Star Brewing and Left Hand Brewery‘s Tasting room. Look for the Pizza Nomad pizza trailer in the fall (concrete on the pizza oven is curing!).

Scratch Kitchen now Burger Nomad Food Truck

Stay safe out there and in here.

Thanks for keeping this Longmont brewery in business and supporting a family-run, small business. We are so very grateful for the community support we’ve experienced. We hope you feel how important a part of our little 300 Suns family you are.