Opening Date

Here we go people! We have set the tentative opening date for February 22. If all goes as planned (of course, when has any of it gone as planned?!?!?!) then we should be able to serve up our first beers that day. It’s been a hard, exciting journey and many things haven’t gone as planned, but many things have fallen into place thanks to great support from family and friends both old and new!

We look forward to the many trials and tribulations, as well as good times to continue as we strive to bring good beer and a community gathering place to Longmont, Colorado!

Penny bartop – it took DAYS to lay down all these pennies. There are some foreign ones courtesy of Chamberlain Coins (Thanks Mark!) and of our brewer Mark Lusher (Thanks other Mark!).

Julie Clement did this beautiful piece of art just for us in her signature style. Check out her other work at

We were fortunate to have Ted Wilson Structural Arts, sharing our building. He and his team created our railing for the deck. Now all we need is sunlight, warmth…and maybe a place to sit.



1525387_792184834132115_1859634569_n-273x300Dan moving the kegs.