On Tap Locally

So we walk in the door and there it is. My eye goes to it immediately. Past the smiling faces of the owners of Shoes & Brews, who are greeting us warmly. There it is! My heart skips a beat like I’m viewing my newborn child for the first time. I turn to finally acknowledge Mark & Candace who are past the initial shock and enjoying one of the many beers on tap at this cool establishment. Then I turn to Ashlee and Colin. “It poured perfect, the first pour!” Ashlee says with a smile and I couldn’t be more proud. Carbonation has been something we’ve struggled with getting right in our tasting room, so I’m relieved to know that our first beer on tap outside of our taproom will reflect 300 Suns in a good light!


“The tap handle works great” they say, which is also a relief. Dan lovingly crafted those handles by hand, sanding, sawing, staining them to perfect imperfection.

“This is a really great stout,” one of the customer’s tells us. Is Mark beaming? He should be. He’s working hard to keep our beer flowing and he should treasure this moment – hold on to it when the journey challenges us.


We made beer and here it is and this guy thinks it’s great – that’s something, isn’t it? Well, it’s everything, isn’t it?

We took a baby step and it feels like we just climbed a mountain. It feels good. Time slows down for one evening. We order some beer and take a look around. Shoes & Brews has done it up right. Not only are they truly wonderful folks, but they have a kick-@#$ establishment (a brewpub plus a shoe store) that is comfortable, fun and has a great beer line-up. This is one of those places that makes Longmont such an awesome place to live.


There’s more to come from us around town as we get our kegs out into the world. We’ll keep you posted! Thanks to all of you for the amazing support you’ve given us.

Run over (pun intended) and check out 300 Suns Brewing’s Old Burlington Stout , on tap at Shoes & Brews. 63 S Pratt Pkwy (across the street from Budget Home Supply).