Moving right along

The good news

First, we narrowly escaped the great flood of 2013 which sadly put thousands of people from their homes and caused damages to many businesses in Longmont and across Colorado. Because we didn’t have anything in the space yet, it was less stressful than it could have been. It was bad news for many in the Longmont community but so amazing to see everyone pulling together to support one another in rebuilding!

Flood waters at our location did not make it into the building.

The better news

We had the amazing opportunity to participate in Left Hand Brewery’s Oktoberfest this year. (Thank you Left Hand!) We thought we would just be able to tell everyone about our new location, hand out some stickers, sell a few t-shirts, give away a year of beer, etc. However, just in time, our federal (TTB) licensing and state licensing went through (in less than 30 days, to our surprise) and we were able to serve samples of our beer for a $1 donations.

Our new tent was ready for action.

Dan, Mark, Candace and Director of Kids Activities.

Jean in dirndl

Thanks to everyone who tried our beer!

Candace bringing us some refreshments. We all agreed that we can’t wait to serve our beer to the friendly, enthusiastic, and cool future patrons who visited that day.

 The best news

Though we knew we would love serving our beer to the public, I don’t think any of us realized how MUCH we truly would enjoy it. Oktoberfest was an energizing event for 300 Suns Brewing and we are more excited than ever to be opening our brewery in this outstanding city.

Did you think that was the “best news”? It’s pretty good, but the best news is, we got to hand over $1129.39 to flood relief efforts, and all because of the generosity of Longmont and surrounding area’s craft loving community. How (I’ve run out of words for awesome) is that?