2020 Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Things I am thankful for this year – Customers who despite masks, disease fears, lock-ins, cold weather make the effort to come out and grace us with their smiling faces, little notes on their to-go orders, generous tips and all around awesomeness. We are quite literally brought often to tears. I am thankful for a husband who took some really tart lemons which were handed to him years ago and managed to make some delicious craft beer and become a mighty mighty fine brewer. I am thankful for a business partner who knocks it out of the park with his food and is also just a joy to have around. I am thankful for a team that works hard despite all the setbacks and demands and now even dangers. I am grateful to a community of support from our local bank to our business organizations who have good people racking their brains and budgets to help. We have so VERY much to be thankful for. Please stay safe, well and give yourself a virtual hug from us. We LOVE you!!!! – Jean